TigerlilyEmotion: cat is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen, she's cute, playful, energetic and... smart. Too smart! She's decided that she wants her breakfast at 2:00 in the morning. And I swear she has some Siamese in her! Beacause at around 2:00 every morning I will be woken by a high-pitched meow.
First of all when she started doing this I ignored her, but then she would find her way inside the quilt and meow right down my ear. So I decided I would see what she wanted.
I go downstairs, she claws at the cupboards and waits. I decided that she shouldn't be praised for bad behaviour, so I picked her up and put her outside.
This kept happening until one night she started hiding. So I put her some food out rather than dragging her out of wherever she was hiding. And after a while she came out so I picked her up and put her out.
But now she's changed her tacticks. So I put her food out like I had started doing, but this time she wouldn't come out. I waited a while and she still stayed exactly where she was. I took a few steps back but still she stayed where she was. I had to leave the room and then from the doorway I watched her poke her head out from under the kitchen chair, look around and then eat from her dish.
I took one step forwards and she rushed back under the chair and refuses to come out until I am out of the room!
Now she has me trained.

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