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Quite frankly, no.

But the things is this: He's not really the brightest of the bunch. So he doesn't do these things intentionally. He breaks stuff when he can't see where he's going, or when he's playing. When he's just walking normally around, he's really careful.

Alright, so there was that one incident with the lamp - but I think we've all learned from that experience.

So I'm just getting used to putting things that can break, where he can't reach them. At least untill he's grown out of his 'Hey mom...... MOOOOOOM - LOOK AT THIS"-phase.
He has become a gorgeous adult cat. I hope you don't get too mad at him for his mischief. I can never be angry with my little purrballs especially when they start this ritual of purring and rubbing against my feet when I am not happy with them. True manipulators! Emotion: smile
I now that feeling, Amelia. (BTW, my favourite name in the whole world)...

It's one long day of: Oh, I WASN'T meant to do that? Well, then - let me give you a little nose to nose - then all will be well.

And it works.. Emotion: wink
Exactly! Emotion: big smile In the end of the day, aren't they right? What can be more important than a healthy relationship that is strong enough to overcome any difficulties. I often think we people can learn a LOT from our cats.

(Thanks for mentioning that you like my name, I appreciate it!)
You're absolutely right. This little guy is devoted to me, no matter how much I mess things up. I think we could all learn from that. Emotion: smile

You have a great day, Amelia Woods. Emotion: smile
Did Ezio let you set up a Christmas tree or it was a hopeless business?
We decided not to go for a tree this year. Emotion: big smile

Maybe next year, when he's not so much of a kitten anymore. Emotion: smile
LoL I thought so... he would have had a lot of fun though if you had set it up. Emotion: giggle