Remember this little guy? If not, I adopted Ezio a while back, and this is the first picture I shot of him - sleeping next to the remote.

And now here he is today - still sleeping next to the remote. They grow up so fast.

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How sweet, you're looking great Ezio! How old is he now? Will he grow any more you think?
He's not even six months yet. He'll get bigger! He still thinks there's plenty of room for him on my pillow, next to my head.
"We're gonna need a bigger pillow."
I love his white socks. Emotion: heart_He's bigger, but he still looks innocent. Emotion: big smile
He loves to be in control of the remove, doesn't he?
Thank you for sharing his recent photo. I always find it unbelievable how fast they grow up and how little time we have to enjoy their kittenhood. Emotion: smile
By the way does he still break stuff?
Oh that's something I intended to ask, too. I hope he hasn't started breaking BIGGER things as he himself grew bigger? Emotion: giggle
I'll give you a small (and incomplete list)

Milk jar
Lamp (he scratched the paint off)
Flower pot
Wooden fruit bowl
Picture frame
Tea light candle holder
Another flower pot
Bottle of wine (Does anyone know how to get a red wine stain out of a wooden floor)
.... And the windows button on my keyboard is missing. I have pointed out the usual suspect.
Ouch! I thought he had grown out of breaking stuff already! Do you think it will ever happen?
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