I was recently searching for a website for Bird Paradise and came across a couple of comments regarding signs which were posted at Todd Marcus Birds Exotic about Bird Paradise. I feel the need to come to the defense of Bird Paradise. Bird Paradise is a beautiful store; their birds are extremely healthy and the store is spotless. The employees there are extremely helpful and know a lot about birds. I was sickened by the attitude of the employees at Birds Exotic.

It seemed to me that they were trying to make the general public think that the birds at Bird Paradise were sick. They are anything but. Bird Paradise has their birds on a really good diet and you can tell they spend a lot of money on nutrition. The feathers of the birds at Bird Paradise are shiny and they are all happy, healthy and well adjusted. It looks like this Birds Exotic place only cares about money and is trying to make the other store look bad.

They have signs in their windows about Bird Paradise and an article about Psittacosis next to it that gives you the impression the store is infected. I think it is a really low tactic by Todd Marcus Birds Exotic. I will NEVER shop at Birds Exotic again. ISN'T IT ALL ABOUT THE BIRDS? Obviously not at some stores. Thank you for allowing me to vent. - JC
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I have always found the staff at Birds Exotic to be the most friendly and helpful. Especially Todd when he is there. In fact he has always provided my wife and I with tremendous help when we asked our "stupid" questions.

I can't blame Birds Exotic for posting those notices on their doors. Even Shultz's Bird Farm in Langhorne, PA posted a notice about it. I doubt it is money motivated, they just want to make sure their birds are safe.

Wouldn't you?

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Actually, I think that, if Mr. Marcus called the Health Department, he would have found out that there was no disease at Bird Paradise and the birds there are extremely healthy. I don't doubt that he did that; I think he used it to generate more business for himself. That's what I did. I called and the Health Department said all of the birds tested negative. To each, his own. I'm all about the birds; I would think there would have been more compassion there if there was even the possibility of something.

And, if he was so worried about his birds, why would he take in previously owned birds FOR PROFIT to re-sell without first testing them? I think it is a money issue here. We are all entitled to our opinions. I will drive a little further to shop at Bird Paradise. They test all of their birds before they even enter their store. Like you said in one of your posts "why does he still have the signs up -($$ maybe?)" Cheers - Joan
Bird Paradise should have their lawyer send a nice "cease and desist" letter to Birds Exotic
I have been to all three places and even worked in one of the three. I have friends that work at a major animal hospital and there is definitely one of the three that has a bad reputation. I own two parrots and bought each one at different stores of the three stores mentioned. Personally, they all are Pet Shops and with each pet shop you may see something that may seem alarming. I have seen mucous coming out of the nose of a lilac crowned amazon at one of the three, not saying which one and when I made a note about it I was told "It is normal".

I have seen bugs in the food at one of the stores. Also one of the stores when you walk in, there is never anyone out front to watch and with each store having thefts of the parrots, you would think they would be more cautious. I refuse to go in one of the three due to bad experiences but I will not rat them out.

Also I have been to one of the stores and they are there to help. Another one, you can tell the employees have a major passion for the parrots they have and will not be the ones to tell you a cockatoo is a great parrot for anyone or see dollar signs when someone thinks the rose breasted cockatoo is pretty but doesn't have a clue about them.
I really do not know if the accusations against Birds Paradise were warranted, but regardless each store has strong points and weak ones.

I just think you should take all the precautions when buying a feathered friend or supplies for them.
Just to let all of you who the Todd Marcus Birds Exotic has false information posted. You are wrong. Birds Paradise was sut down by the Dept. of Health because of their birds being sick.There is a man who bought a cockatoo there and they sent him home with antibiotics and the bird.He to it to his vet and the vet even told him of the dept of health shutting Birds Paradise down.The man is very upset. Plus, I have dealt with Todd and all his staff and the are great.

I have a bird from them and my vet has seen many of his birds and never has had any of them sick. Lab result were fine. If you want proof of this man and his sick cockatoo go to nj.com- search forum or search for posting #2065 -question for all parrot by popoff1. it is dated 9-30-04.I will never deal with the man who owns bird paradise he was shut down before, maybe after you read this post on nj.com you will understand why Schultz's in Langhorne, Pa and Todd's made the posting of signs at their store.

They care about there customer and their birds.One last thing, Todd and his staff will help you any way possible.He does not do it for just the money and he has been in the business for a long time.So, go to nj.com and read the proof for yourself.
One more thing regarding Bird Paradise. There was a small article posted in the new jersey paper stating is was close down by the Dept of Health because of sick birds.If you want to see that too as proof it is on the website.Todd deals with breeders who care about there birds.
One more thing regarding Bird Paradise. There was a small article posted in the new jersey paper stating is was ... want to see that too as proof it is on the website.Todd deals with breeders who care about there birds.

Please provide links. Otherwise, you are just spreading fud. He said, she said, her vet said, etc. Please provide a link to a news story from a news organization and not links more he-said/she-said forums (containing your same posts).
(And, for what it's worth, the way I heard the story (equally unsubstantiated) is that Bird Paradise suspected they had a problem, shut themselves down while they had extensive testing done, and that testing showed there was no problem and my links to that story are as good as yours (so far anyway).)
Funny - I saw the article you are talking about at the Cinnaminson store and it does not say anything about Bird Paradise. I think Bird Paradise got a real bum rap. And that jerk in Cinnaminson keeps on putting signs up about Bird Paradise. (gee, I wonder why?) I don't think he is a professional business man. He obviously wants to make Bird Paradise look bad so he can make more money. I was at Bird Paradise over the weekend. I see that Dr. Pepperberg is going to be speaking there on October 23rd. I am definitely going. I love the store. And you are right. The health department said there was NO problem there. I support them. They care about the birds and it's not all about money with them. - JC
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