please i need your advice. my german shepherd jeff barks too much and too often. he can bark at anything and anyone no matter if it's a bird, human, animal or a bug. it started about 2 years ago when my dad died. he raised jeff. since then it feels like it's not the same jeff. he's bitten strangers twice. if i need to leave the house he falls almost into hysteria. if i have visitors he won't stop barking at them till they leave. if it's only me and my husband he behaves well. but as soon as there someone else he changes in a second turning into a beast. i love him very much but it's such a torture because i can't even take him with me anywhere. jeff is 4 years old now. thank you for advice.
I would try to find a decent trainer in the area. If they can do private classes with you, they can work one on one. I've seen the right trainer work wonders in cases like yours. You could also specifically look for a behaviourist.