Have you ever thought your bed to be uncomfortable? Some cats think that it's not the bed but the cat that makes it comfy. Emotion: wink I'll be right back...

Barsik says:

Now that my human is finally in the kitchen, I can make a quick post with cat-to-cat tips about sleeping in a box (with pics). Follow them to make your relaxation most comfortable and pleasant. Do not ever pay any attention to your humans' reaction such as smiling, giggling, taking a camera or calling other humans to have a look at you.

Start from simple sleeping on your back...
Author: ClausM

...or on your side.
Author: sevargyma

Use the box side as a pillow.
Author: Woodenship

If you are longhair, use the benefit of your coat and tail.
Author: oskay

Remember that you and your box must nearly amalgamate.
Author: Gini~

Use your imagination: try S-like positions...
Author: ClausM

...or C-like positions...
Author: PunkyBrewster

...or even L-like ones.
Author: georginchen

If you totally trust your humans, relax your back legs to the maximun.
Author: JnL

Sometimes O-like positions do not fit the box well, but you can always make an experiment.
Author: suziesparkle

If the box is rather small, try sticking your paws&tail out of it...
Author: 202

...or stretch just one paw out, like this (back paw)...
Author: gui.tavares

...or like this (front paw).
Author: roguedragon23

Invite your friend to join you...
Author: choytony

...and enjoy it.
Author: choytony

Your humans may wonder how you can sleep like that...
Author: taurussun

...ignore them and enjoy.
Author: Borrowed Periscope

Perhaps they will not even notice you.
Author: (_)

Try disguising to avoid unwanted attention...
Author: matti naskali

...or you can hide in an absilutely unexpected box.
Author: simplybecka

This position is for experienced yoga cats...
Author: Feodora Umanov

...as well as this one.
Author: Smeebot

Even small boxes can do.
Author: janekeeler

Be creative.
Author: eugenethephotobug

...practice makes perfect. To get more experience, use as a box any structure you can find.
Author: Gandinis

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Lolz great pictures Emotion: big smile
Geez, I would never be able to sleep in such positions. Emotion: big smile
Awesome. Emotion: smile I've watched my cat sleeping like that many times. Too bad I didn't have a good camera that time to make a shot. Cats are natural yogi.
Try laying in upside down position with front paw in mouth......also a good tech nick for twister. Might cause slight neck and back pain.
Awww now I'm tired / great shots / now mayhaps after a few shots of a good single malt I could relax that much.
It's been long since I had such a laugh. Cats rule, always and everywhere!
lol fantastic, cats sleep in the sillyist places :3
Terrific images. My neck aches when I look at them. Emotion: big smile
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