I found this forum while Google searching other topics and came across a discussion in aged by Melissa who was frustrated a day seeking God help out. House training a year old Maltese dog. I was other sure how to reply but if the discussion is still active let me know as I an new to the forum. Regarding the house training Melissa. Not to be harsh but the dog is like a puppy and other dog is as independent as a cat. I suggest if you have to leave pets home alone for long hours stick with cats. A dog with severe separation
Anxiety cannot be left at home in a crate for long hours. Also if you have had the Dog for 4 months as per the original post the weather should have warmed up from minus 20 degrees in that time unless you live in northern siberia. Do the right humane thing. You should not have purchased it if you do not have the time go commit especially a special needs dog. Contact a Maltese or small dog rescue that can find a proper home for this sweet baby.

Save yoursef
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yeah if you love dogs so much
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