Do you believe it's possible to train a dog without using verbal or physical corrections? My friend found an experienced trainer whose only methods are treats for what you like and ignoring or distraction for what you don't like. No collars, no such things like a "bad dog" and so on. My friend says it's a very experienced trainer with lots of certificates and over 15 year experience but I don't quite believe methods like that can work with my Bulldog Alger who is really difficult to distract from anything he's excited about be it another dog or a human. He's very stubborn. I'm now looking for a trainer who can help me with this and I don't know if I should try that trainer or look for another one. What can you say about it?
Of course it is, dog's can read body language and you can make different moves while holding the treat to make them do certain things. for example holding the treat close to his nose and then moving your hand towards his back will make him sit (he may walk backwards a few times but he will eventually understand) you can achieve different behaviors just like that and you can add the command once he does it. I personally think though that its better to teach a dog to feed off affection and positive words instead of treats but that's just my opinion.