I moved to Germany seven years ago, and brought my dog with me. It was extremely hard on her, and it took her several months to get over. I think both the experience flying was hard, as well as adjusting to a new continent (new smells, new sounds etc.).
Now I'm planning on moving my family back to Portland, OR, and want to take her with us. She'll be over 15 when we move, though, and isn't the healthiest animal (not the unhealthiest, either). I'm afraid that packing her into the belly of a plane for 11 hours will simply be too much for her. Has anyone had experience travelling with old dogs? I'm wondering if there're any ways to transport pets that don't require them to be locked away from people in the dark for so long. Money's always an issue, but I could imagine paying more if it made the trip easier on her.
What about tranquilizing her? I didn't use any drugs coming over, and have always heard it's better not to. But if the stress is so great, maybe it'd be necessary. Is it even possible to tranquilize an animal so long?
She's a medium-sized mixed-bread, around 36 lbs (16 kilos), thin, and comes up a little higher than my knee. She's missing her tail and a leg from an accident she had eight years ago (run over by a train). We'll be flying Lufthansa, which is quite good with animals.

I just don't know what we'd do if she had to stay here. She could stay with my in-laws, but then she'd have to climb a flight of slippery stairs several times a day, stairs that she's already tumbled down twice (we don't take her to their apartment anymore). And we really don't know anyone else she could go to here.
It's still a year till we move, and she may not live that long. But she's pretty damn tough, so I could imagine her living to 17 or so.

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Walter G.
Freiburg, Germany
Walter I sent you an email on this as well but not sure if I got the right context of your directions of it. I have experience moving animals and would strongly recommend you not putting her in the belly of the plane again. There are some options based on timing and planning. I would be happy to help you. I am located in the general area of the Pacific Northwest. Contact me directly. (Email Removed)
She could live longer than that being a small medium dog. I would talk to your vet if you have one there about dramamean or a tranquilizer. Is she crate trained, if not you can start teaching her now.

If you worked so hard to bring her there then you should try to take her back with you. She would rather be separated from you for 11 hours than to not have you for the rest of her days.
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