Not sure how to find the words to express how traumatic my experience was yesterday in having my dearest friend Shadow being put to sleep. I have had him for 17 years and we have battle his heart disease problem for some time. He had his chest drained twice and the last time it only lasted just 3 weeks so i made the extremely painful decision to put my dearest friend to sleep. I made the call to the vet who came up and examined him, and agreed that it was the right time, as he was laboured with his breathing once again. I wanted him to be put to sleep at home in the quiet and familiar sound and smell of home. I was expecting an injection in to his vein, as i had had another cat put to sleep this way over 20 years ago, which was very peaceful. The vet said that they now do cats direct in to the kidney as it is quick and painless, so i agreed. I have never been able to stop my tears, since, as the vet felt for the correct place which was so upsetting in itself, once found he injected Shadow in to his kidney, and it will haunt me forever. He screamed for over 20 seconds struggling to get away, even trying to bite me as i had to hold him still to enable the injection. In 17 years he had been a gentle giant, and at that moment his eyes were filled with fear. It will stay with me the rest of my life. I have spent the whole day looking in to this, as i cant get over it. I dont understand why he was not sedated first, everything i tried to avoid happened, a thousand times worse than i can ever image.I feel devastated that his ending was filled with so much pain and fear, it make me feel so let down by the vets, and feel i let him down in his last moments. I wanted to be with him so he wasnt alone or afraid even though i was so afraid myself, and the trauma will haunt me always.Just dont understand why this painful technique is ever done without sedation, it seems extremely cruel. Just feel i dont know what to do with myself and needed to talk it out. This was my awful experience of euthanasia, and i will never allow another vet to do this again without sedation. Thanks for listening, broken hearted, xxx Jane
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Hi Jane,

What a terrible story, I'm so sad to read about this. Emotion: sad I've never heard about euthanasia solution being injected into the kidney but it's really outrageous the vet didn't say anything about the possible reaction. My thoughts are with you and Shadow.

RIP Shadow
Thanks you for you kind words Ruslana, it was a terrible ordeal, and i have posted this to let people know, as i wouldnt allow this again, without sedation, and was totally unaware at the time. xxx
I feel your pain Emotion: crying rest in peace Shadow. Is there a way to write an official complaint about the vet or something so the incident doesn't go unnoticed?
Oh my god that's so sad to read, I feel heart broken for you Emotion: sad Ooooh Emotion: sad
Thought i would add a couple of pictures of my beautiful boy, Shadow, god bless him.

A handsome boy he was...
Actually your beautiful boy was indeed supposed to have a sedation shot and Ruslana is right, the kidneys are not where the shot goes. This is unheard of and I would report that awful vet to the veterinary board of medicine as this is extremely cruel. I could not be more sorry this happened and I feel so broken hearted for you. I know you feel you could have done more and if you possibly believe in an afterlife maybe you could do some things for him like plant some flowers and make him a little shrine. Talk to him and ask him to help you through this pain. Tell him you need to know he's okay and he'll give you a sign. Again, I am so so so very sorry this happened but I would not let this go if I were you. This was so wrong and NOT YOUR FAULT. Emotion: crying
Thanks so very much for your kind words. I find myself spending hours online trying to get to the bottom of this and it seems in the Uk a done practice, so im at a loss. I have emailed the British Veterinary Association to see what their guidance policy is for this, as i need some answers. I have other elderly cats, and i cant bare to go through this again. I will insist on sedation. In reading it states that in elderly cats sedation can cause a lot of respiratory distress so i just dont know, but feel that nothing could be worse than my beloved pet screaming, trying to claw away with such fear in his eyes, i will never ever forget and will never get over it, the guilt has me in tears. Thanks everyone, will update when i hear back.
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