I just got back from a week in Tucson and surrounding area. I didn' have much time to do any really serious field herping, but as usua saw some pretty interesting things in the backyard and about, thoug unfortunately no snakes or tarantulas
However, I did get a beautiful UV light for my birthday - it's like large maglite but it has 32 LED lights that emit in the UV spectrum which made scorpion hunting much more convenient
No scorpions inside the house, except dead ones. Phew In spite of the warm, humid weather, I didn't find any tarantulas ou on the prowl, however, outside I found several very bouncy Vajovis (that's spelled wrong, sorry, I think they are called striped taile or devil's scorpions)
I went to the Sonoran Desert Museum on Saturday night. For those wh don't know, this is a beautiful mostly outdoor natural history museu and wildlife park, and is Tucson's number one must-see. They are ope until 10 pm on Saturday nights in the summer
They are re-doing their snake exhibits, some new rattlesnakes are o display, they have a nice Western Hognose and a Coachwhip is going o display soon. The Mexican Beaded Lizard was out and about, walkin around its chamber and shedding, so that was interesting Out in the trails, however, there were dozens of Sphinx Moths at th Hummingbird Garden, and the docents had good lighting that didn' disturb the moths but allowed for good observation. The moths wer beautiful and it was fascinating to be able to easily watch them doin their job in the dark
There is a long, dry stone wall at the museum, and it was crawlin with Centroides (bark scorpions). I saw the biggest one I'd eve seen, as well as a mother with several non-fluorescing babies on he back, and several really brilliant prey catches of small moths tha were attracted to the uv. The kids at the museum were great, an people were really appreciative of the light
I also uv'ed the Hadrurus (hairy scorpion) inside the herp building just to see something that big glow and to freak out the little kid looking at it
Other than that, lots of assorted little lizards, but nothing big an nothing photographed
Oh, and while watching tv, I saw something pretty big (3-4") mov above the floor for about four feet and into some curtains. It didn' move like a tarantula, so I ignored it. Apparently I missed th comedic scene of "how to catch a panicky giant cockroach that late
played out, and recriminations for my not mentioning it earlie ensued.
I still don't see what the deal was, I'm not afraid of gian cockroaches. :-
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"See, here he comes stealing through the undergrowth, his fac shining with the light o
pure intelligence. There are no limits to Jeeve's brain power. H virtually lives on fish.
Actually, that was me, I have NO idea why my regular headers didn't show up.
nj"completely mystified"m

"See, here he comes stealing through the undergrowth, his face shining with the light of pure intelligence. There are no limits to Jeeve's brain power. He virtually lives on fish."