Please help me find a breeder who sells border collies near my home in Biloxi Mississippi. My girlfriend and I are wanting one, so if you know any way for us to get one please let me know. thanks, Bo, (Email Removed)
What kind of Border Collie are you looking for? Are you looking for an AKC background or ABCA or something with an overseas background? What kind of activities will you be doing with your Border Collie? Dogs bred well for cattle often are not the best choice for light sheep, conversely those who handle sheep adroitly may not be the best choice for some cattle. Or are you looking for a sport bred dog - agility, I would assume. Responsible breeders and most responsible rescues will want to make sure that the dog matches the activites planned.
And why is it you are looking for one from a breeder instead of one from rescue or a shelter? One of the biggest problems in the breed is the number of breeders who are happy to take money for a puppy, and don't care whether the placement will work or not. As a result Border Collie rescue is overwhelmed with dogs. Puppies some in with discouraging frequency. My own dog, Tsuki, came from Northern Border Collie Rescue.

He was one of six puppies dumped in the local shelter at the age of 5 WEEKS. And another litter of six were also dumped, they were 12 weeks old. So if you don't really care whether the parents were top winning in whatever - conforamtion, herding, agility ... Then it makes more sense to get what you want out of the dumped population.

Of the top ten breeds to be found in the shelter the Border Collie is number eight according to the statistics on that Petfinder site.
If you really want a dog froma breeder then your first step will be to decide which kind of breeder you are looking for. Then you will know where to start looking. See for some general guidelines.

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