Are there any reasons why 2 cats would be better than just one?

Cat beginner here Emotion: smile
Two cats can have more fun together, and they may become more interested in bugging each other rather than in bugging you lol. (Half a joke!)

Anyway, having a buddy is always nice, even when we talk about people. Emotion: smile
As Ruslana says, two are always better than one. They can keep each other company while you're away from home, sleeping or busy with chores. Two are also better at catching mice, and keeping your home pest-free. It's also a tonne of fun to watch them play together! Emotion: giggle

So, go get yourself at least two kitties and let us know how you make out. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Ooh definitely! If you have enough space, 2 cats would be a better choice. Imagine yourself being someone's pet, would you feel better alone or with a buddy of your species? Emotion: smile Some cats do quite well as single pets but some get lonely, bored and destructive, so...
I agree with the above.

And to add another bonus if the cats like each other:


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Oh no, I have a cuteness attack... it's too sweet to watch! Emotion: love Thanks, Punky.
Also much depends on the cat's personality and your lifestyle.

Some cats don't like other pets around and even raised together with their siblings can become dominant and agressive towards the companions in their maturation time. Fixing the cat doesn't necessary change anything esp. when it's a male. But most cats can socialize with others even after being raised alone for a long time.

As for the lifestyle, if you work at home or spend there a lot of time which you can share with your cat friend it isn't necessary to get more than one. But if you're out a lot and there's nobody else at home to keep the cat companion i'd advise you to get two fellas under your roof. Bored cat = fat cat esp. when fixed and a male.

Anyways, having two cats doesn't cost you much more than having a one but you get much more fun of this and also it makes you able to watch such interesting manners and everyday life scenes which one cat could never present to you Emotion: smile
Some kitties hate being alone...(but some love it)
I'd watch how the cat behaves and see if it seems lonely
If you are getting a lot of behaviors that seem attention seeking, they may be lonely and getting a second cat might help with that. It would at least serve as a nice distraction for the kitty so that he doesnt feel overwhelmed with being left alone at some times.