Hello all!

My boyfriend and I have an 8 month old red smooth doxie that we love very much as I have mentioned in my previous posts. He LOVES to play with my mom's puppy and tries to get any dog he meets to play with him. My boyfriend works about 9 hours a day on average and I speculate that while he is at work, Oli sleeps the whole time. It seems strange that no matter what time it is when we get home from wherever we are, he is coming out of his burrow bed while we unlock the front door. Although I apreciate how well behaved he is while we aren't home, I do worry that he's being TOO lazy. Brian often takes him for a walk after work and still Oli is a little more active than when he's had at least some play time with another dog. I have personally always had at the very least two dogs. This is my boyfriends first dog. I am at school Monday through Friday, sadly. I have been trying to convince my boyfriend to get a second dachshund so that Oli has a companion while we are not home. Brian is hesitant but I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on this matter. We have found a 6 month old long haired female that is for sale in our town and Brian is CONSIDERING her, but I still haven't convinced him. Oli is fixed so there would be no accidental litters of puppies.

Should we get a second dachshund?

Would it be better for him to have a companion?

Thanks in advance!! Emotion: smile
Hi Emily,

Yeah I think it would be better for him to have a companion. Imagine yourself being at home all day long without anything interesting to do... Besides, considering that Oli and that female are still pups, I'm sure it would be better to introduce them now, before their territorial insticts have fully developed.
That's what I was thinking. I think I have my boyfriend convinced and we meet two little doxie girls on Saturday. We'll base our decision off how Oli acts with each and hopefully we'll now be the proud parents of two!! Emotion: smile
That's great news! Good luck and please let us know how it goes! Emotion: smile

Are they both housebroken already? If yes, don't doubt and get Oli a companion. Emotion: smile If they are not housebroken yet, it's better to wait till Oli has learnt to do his business outside only. Otherwise you may have a lot of mess and frustration, which I'm sure is not something you or your boyfriend want.

She is housebroken according to the current owner. Oliver is unless he's mad. He's in his teenage years and does things when he's mad at mom and dad. Soon we will have our backyard fenced in and a doggy door and he LOVES being outside so I imagine we won't have any problems after that. We also have a potty patch (those things seen on tv) that he does use when we aren't home. Emotion: smile Most of his messes in the house are while we're home, which tells us "Hey, you're not paying enough attention to me" or "I wanted to KEEP playing fetch!". He's a brat.