I have 2 cats. One is about 3 years old and the other one is young, 11 months old. Both are female. The younger kitty is very playful and when she wants to play with the other cat, the older cat ignores her and sometimes bites her! So the younger cat has bite marks on her neck from yesterday, they were bleeding. Emotion: sad I was hoping to hear some suggestions about how to befriend them. They usually get on fine except for these play moments which the older cat just won't accept. The older cat has a very unflappable personality. She rarely plays even with me. They are both spayed.
She is 11 months old she is still a baby and needs to learn some manners and respect, older cats will nip bite and warn younger cat's when they are doing something wrong or behaving wrong, it's just a way of discipline and that's how a young cat learns how to be a cat and how to socialize properly . Once she gets the idea that the older cat is not interested in playing and that her behavior is not acceptable she will stop and once she does there would be no reason for her to get bit.. It may look a bit harsh but that's how it works with cats even if the older cat would agree to play they would probably both end up with scratches and bites because that is how they play and that is how they learn, so let them be cats. Of course if any of them gets too aggressive you should take action but from what you described this is not aggression and the older cat is being very patient and just making sure she gets her point across so I wouldn't worry Emotion: smile
Okey.... I'm just frustrated at the wounds. I never expected them to play so harsh. I hope you are right and they will understand each other better soon.
Sorry to hear about the wounds Emotion: sad I would perhaps play with the younger cat as often as possible to lower her energy level and make her less enthusiastic about annoying your older cat.