Hello people! I really hope to get some advice here. We have two male dogs, a terrier mix and a shepherd mix, almost the same age. The terrier mix seems the leeader and always wants to show his dominance. A while bakc their fights went really serious. We cannot identify who starts it first because they seem to attack each other instantly at the same time. How can we stop it? The last time the shepherd nearly strangled the terrier, we had to spend quite a lot of time separating them. They now live outside and we keep them away from each other but this is not always suitable. Is there a way to befriend them?

The only way to befriend them is to become a pack leader yourself so they don't fight for this role, which they are obviously doing now. Do you have a chance to attend some classes about dog behaviour and perhaps to invite a dog behaviourist? You've got two quite serious breeds and if you don't handle the problem now, it may become only worse. I don't mean to sound frightening but when two dogs fight like you described, it's no joke. You should stop any attempts of either of the dogs to assert its dominance. This can be somewhat dangerous and I'm not sure how experienced you are, hence my asking about a dog behaviourist.