My 9 month old puppy, Leia, has become sick over the last two months. It started with extremely heavy breathing and lack of energy - and she is now sooo skinny in addition.

After going to the vet twice a week for the last three weeks, all the vets have said "this is a weird case". They cannot find the main problem! They have so far found that she had anemia, psnumonia, and giardia (took meds for those), has dog herpies, has a swollen liver, does not have heart disease, does not have distemper, does not have any type of worm. Her breathing has gotten more calm since they put her on new meds and her anemia has gotten better.

Although she's a skeleton, she has always eaten pretty well, especially with vocal encouragement. She became more picky over the last few weeks and only wants to eat meat. I now mix boiled chicken in with puppy canned food. But she picks at it more and more everyday. The vet gave her a med to help increase her appetite, but it doesn't seem to be helping much at all.

On other forums, people say to stand a firm ground and not give the dog anything but the canned or kibble balanced diet. And if the dog doesn't eat for a couple of days due to stubbornness, that they'll be fine and eventually cave and eat what they're given. However, with my sick pup - it feels like I should just feed her anything that she will eat so she doesn't die? She's just sooo skinny.

Any tips on food for my pup? Any thoughts on what might be wrong with her in general?

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