I've noticed lately that my 8.5 yr old male cat has lost weight so I decided to have him checked out. Upon weighing him at the vets office, it was discovered that he had lost 3 lbs. since his last exam in late June of this year. He was 11 lbs. in June; he is now 8 lbs. I should also say that during the past few days prior to bringing him in I had noticed that he had a slight decrease in appetite and drinking. My veternarian did a complete blood and urine workup on my cat and found nothing.

She also did an x-ray of his body and said that although everything appears to be okay, she is concerned that she does not see a clear outline of his organs and has instructed me to take him for an abdominal ultrasound. Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on? Also, in his initial exam, he had no fever and his gums were pink. He was slightly dehydrated but the vet's office gave him some fluids and he did manage to eat some food for them.

I'd appreciate any insight.
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From your post my guess is your cat developed adhesions.

Surgery is usually necessary to correct this and to keep it from happening again, the common procedure here is to fill the abdominal cavity with an inert gas after stitching. This would give the tissues time to heal without touching each other, therefore without forming new adherences. The gas would slowly be absorbed by the tissues and eliminated by the lungs.
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http://www.dyspareunia.org/html/pelvic adhesions.htm
To add to m L Briggs, my own cat was down to 5 pounds and put on thyroid medication. She doubled her weight. You did say your cat had a complete blood work up and so I would think thyroid would be included but you never know.
Also, no clear x-ray image? Is his abdomen swollen? Maybe you need to have another vet x-ray him on the chance that your vet's machine isn't working well.

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I've noticed lately that my 8.5 yr old male cat has lost weight so I decided to have him checked ... the vet's office gave him some fluids and he did manage to eat some food for them. I'd appreciateany insight.

Has anything around your house changed lately? Cats, particularly when they are older and well established in a place, can be very sensitive to change. Could he be grieving or missing someone? Is there any disruption around his food area that might put him off? With that much weight loss in that short a time I fear the cause may be organic, but am hoping it is just a little depression.
Another thing that can cause cats to lose weight is hot weather and extra play. The summer heat (even indoors, as the ac could not keep up) and a new toy (feather on a string) made my Cheeks lose a pound in a couple of months and she only weighed 8 pounds.
I hope your boy will be okay, and that it is something simple.
Did they test the thyroid?

A great suggestion. I forgot about thyroid.
Nothing has changed in particular that I can think of over the past few months. He has had some territorial marking issues in the past and after much hesitation, I started giving him Prozac back in the spring. It seemed to really work as I didn't notice him marking or sniffing around his usual spots like he used to do almost daily. About 6 weeks ago, I started to wean him off of the Prozac as I didn't want him on it and he seemed to be doing good.

As I was weaning him off and giving him a pill every other day instead of every day, administering the pill became more and more difficult. He then began throwing it up as soon as I gave it to him not to mention really dreading me coming near him as he knew when pill time was. He has not had a pill in about 8-10 days and has also not marked. We do have two other cats but he is really not close to them at all - they are hubby's cats and were litter mates.

He doesn't care for them but after living with them for 6 years, he has learned to co-habitate nicely with them.
He likes to drink a lot of water (from the bathroom sink especially) and I had his blood checked in June for diabetes and he was negative. The blood test the other day did not include a test for thyroid but apparently the test in June did test the thyroid and it was fine.

He has been eating some since he's been home from the vet's office but has been sleeping a lot. Maybe he was all nerved up from being there for a few days and is catching up on some z's.
I have an appt. Monday morning for him to have an abdominal ultrasound. In the meantime, I've been offering him food frequently to see how much he'll eat. I was concerned that he has not had a bowel mvmt. in the past few days but the vet said to only worry if he starts vomiting at any time.
I'm still baffled as to why he has lost so much weight. The poor thing is so sweet and my baaby!! I can feel his spine as I'm petting him. I really hope to get some answers on Monday. Thank you for all the responses. I will keep checking back.
Have you mentioned the Prozac to the vet? I thought I had read that Prozac can cause weight loss, but I'm not sure.

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That is correct. It is sometimes used for that in humans but it also sometimes has the reverse effect of causing weight gain.
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