Last weekend I had the time to haul a couple big cages outside and work on them, and I fixed up my Borneo short tail's cage. Some nails fixed the problem with the cage floor and I even managed to fix the sealant on the front seam. No more mess on my carpet! I opened up the dimmer switch's box on the pig blanket and rewired it. Now the blanket is nice and warm. The cage temps are just right, the python shed completely the next morning, and to top it off she ate a couple rats for me! She's always been a picky eater, and with the heating issue (and a problem with snake mites, hope that's all taken care of) she was really picky.

Since the company I work for delivers rodents for a partner company, I can get rats for wholesale. I brought home a couple of live large rats, bonked them one at a time, and the python seemed to really enjoy the fresh meal. If it'll get her to eat, I have no problem whacking rats.

Yay! It's so nice to have a happy snake. I'll try to take some pics soon.


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