Hi All
Just thought that I would give you an update on how Judy did after her trouble with the sedation and her eye. Emotion: surprise)
Its been a week since she has had it done, all tablets apart from the eye drops are finished, and its looking much better. Also normal now...

We managed to get her to lose a "little" weight in the week. 21.2kg - 21kg, so hopefully this will help her heart out. (Think its working already, she was trying to run around the garden with her hair on her back up earlier. Something she hasnt done for a while)
She has still got the cone on and the contact in, the Vet wants it on for a little longer just to be sure. Anyone has any experience in how the contact comes out after the cone comes off?
Thank you for all your well wishes a week ago, I think they worked wonders. o)
Donna & Judy
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