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Thank you! Here he is trying to give her a ... and I told her she's a good dog. Katrina

great picture!

PS: How old is Walter these days?

15 1/2 months.

Poor dog! This morning and last night, Walter has been obsessed with trying to give Saskia a piece of orange-flavored biscotti. Trouble is, she has skin issues, and I am at the moment unable to find a treat I know is safe, or we'd begin letting him give her things when we say so and under supervision. The food she eats that finally cleared up her problems is duck-based.. I'll see what I can find at the other pet store. Sigh. Katrina
Thank you. Yes, I am very serious about not having to worry about my toddler's relations with my dog, and ... them harmonized, certain posters'... ehhhm... reservationsnotwithstanding. I appreciate your support. Here they are looking at a shoe: Katrina >

Aw, they're so cute;). They have the same hair colour. I'm glad its working out
ok and your situations improved.