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It doesn't take 2 or 3 sessions. Honest. Once he understands that click = treat, there's no need to delay training.

I guess the instructions are geared to the lowest common denominator? I will try the inkpen with Cypher, see if that is less stressful for him. Both kids are home from school today, so I havent had the quiet time to work with both dogs.
I was amazed at the progress already because he doesnt really like eye contact. His eyes kinda slide across your face and away. Now he focuses much more intensely.
Im hoping that it will improve the commands he already knows. He does a lot of the "OH!! I thought you were telling someone else to sit"

In the case of this pup I'd probably look for a different kind of thing to make the sound, like a ballpoint pen or something quiet/gentle. Clickers really are pretty harsh sounding.

You can get plastic clickers- sold as children's party favors, usually- that make a much softer sound. Added bonus is they're usually in funny shapes, usually looking like some kind of bug.