I am new to cats. I'd like to ask if it's possible to feed a cat a vegan diet?

I IMPLORE you not to do that! Cats are obligated carnivores and need their nutrients through MEAT. This would do significant damage to your cat's system and they'd become very sick. Cats have to get protein from MEAT, it's the only source for them that works because that's what they are designed for. Feeding a kitty a vegetarian or vegan diet is very dangerous.
what would be the point of a vegan diet for a cat anyway?
I'm guessing that she's a vegan and can't stand the thought of serving meat. Which I understand but I have vegetarian friends who own pets and know that what they need to survive is meat. So they do it because it's the genetic makeup of a cat. I understand it's hard but owning a pet means doing what's necessary for them to be happy and healthy, even if it's not what we like.
I agree that cats must have meat. We can choose to eat meat or not, but no cat in the wild can refuse eating meat or thrive on a vegan diet. That's just unnatural.
Absolutely not. we are obligated to feed our pets a diet which is as close to the diet the would live off in the wild. you might see a lion or a tiger (or even a feral cat for that matter) eat some grass, flowers or even some veggies but you wont see them chasing a lettuce or a tomato and feeding it to their family members now would you? Emotion: smile they do what's best and most natural and healthy for them which is to eat meat.

If your cat has specific issues that you are concerned about visit a vet and put him on the right diet, if this is because you are vegan yourself this does not mean your cat should be and there are some food brands that are cruelty free (who actually care about the animals) that you can feed without concern.