Today bought a beautiful male red-bellied parrot. He is about 1 year and hasn't been worked with for 3 months. I have worked with him on stepping up and he seems to be calming very quickly. I never had a parrot before but I have had many other animals and I like postive reinfocement training styles. I am not sure if I am suppose to let him walk up my arm to my shoulder? I let him do it a couple times today and it seems to be hard to get him to come off my shoulder.

i'm more comfortable if I can see him like on my hand. Am I suppose to put my thumb on his feet to keep him from walking up my arm? Also he was in a very loud pet shop with lots of other birds and was in a cage with another red bellied. I notice he isn't eating and I hope that is just the change of location. Is it normal to loose their appitite? I have offered him everything from seeds to warm oatmeal. Should I be concerned? Thanks Niki
Hi Niki, I'm not a parrot expert. I didn't even spell "molt" correctly in my post. But I have a female red-bellied parrot. I got her 6 years ago so I can share what I have learned.

It's ok for him to walk up your arm to your shoulder. It is normal for him not to want to come down because they feel safe there. My bird does this also until she starts pulling on my pierced earrings then she goes somewhere else. I have read that birds see a human in different parts. The head is one, the hands another.
Are you feeding him the same foods that the pet store did? If not, I would do that and slowly introduce him to new types of foods.

Best of luck, Joanne
Today bought a beautiful male red-bellied parrot. He is about 1 yea and hasn't been worked with for 3 months. ... g on your shoulder because of dominance or biting reasons, but others don' mind, so you can decide for yourself

I think you should not put your thumb on his feet because most birds do no like their feet to be touched at all. It would probably result in hi biting you
Since you have had him only one day, it is natural that he is nervous an not eating normally. Give him more time, like days or weeks, to become use to his new home and then his behaviour will gradually become normal again Good luck.
thanks Joanne
Not to worry I can't spell very well so I never look at spelling in others. I think as long as a person gets the drift, that's all that counts.
Well "Rufus" is his new name. As far as I know his never had a name. He is eating, drink water, and is letting me pet him and I did a few step ups from one hand to the other 6 or 7 times and he just stands still on my hand. But than I was doing the laundry today and I put him on my shoulder and he stayed there on and off about every 15 minuets. I did call the store where I bought him and they said he should eat within the first day and a half. So I felt better. I am glad I don't wear jewelier. Just a wedding ring. so Rufus won't hurt anything. I think he is talking not sure exactly everthing. He is a sweet bird. Smiles, Niki and Rufus
thanks Mongo Sucks
Yeah this is so great! What a sweet bird. I thought it would take months to get this far. I think someone must have worked with him a lot when he was a baby. I think he came from Africa after he was weaned. than just in a cage with one other bird. Rufus is very smart and so kind.
Thanks for the responce. Niki