We have a 5 year old Black Masked Female Lovebird, who has been fine until yesterdy evening, after her weekly 'bath' she is usually wrapped in a towel and enjoys playing 'catch the finger' while drying off and keeping warm. However, she merely kept falling asleep, and for most of last night kept falling over!! we do know that Lovebirds in particular are prone to heart attacks, strokes and shock, but after speaking to a local vet (can't find any Avian Vets down here, and not long moved here) he said the best thing was to keep her in her cage and extra warm and just hope!! Anyway, she has been sleeping quite a bit, eaten and drunk a little, but is still very 'groggy' and prone to falling off her perch!.

She has chirped a few times, but we are very worried about her, and after spending most of the morning and lunch trawling through phone books, still cannot find an Avian Vet near us. Any advice would be gratefully received, we desperately want to find an Avian Vet or know what to do for her, as we don't want to lose our 'Poppet'. Please feel free to email me direct at (Email Removed) any sensible advice will be gratefully received. Thank you
Thanks Herman
Unfortunately, I just happened to be in a 'pretty upset mood' anyway. I did vow after losing my 4 Pit Bulls(I had to have them put to sleep after being banned in the UK) that I'd never have another pet ever again, but even though we lost Poppet's Sister Po-Po (yes, we had 2 Hens who happily lived together!!) a couple of years ago, Poppet is even more than just part of the family. Just got back from the Vets and more injections, but she is definitely more alert and seems to be more active. I just hope that she's not acting, as Lovie's are prone to doing.
Yes, I never would advocate setting a dog or any animal against somebody or another animal ever, but I believe that my 4 guys they totalled over 400lbs!! (Bilbo, Frodo, Sam and Gandalf.. yes I named them after LOR!) would have scared the C&%$ outta him, but then again he'd just be on his heels as any yellow backed coward would be.. LOL!! Later
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The sad thing with the ban is that those in power have allowed media hype to cloud their judgment. Yes, unfortunatly there are "owners" out there who abuse the hell out of their dogs. And who also "train" them for fighting, and thus making them "vicous" dogs. That when they get away from their "owners" that they have a tendancy to attack just about anything that is unfortunate enough to cross their paths.
That said, I am sure you are quite right in that he'd be running for the hills when confronted with your "babies." I think that it would also be safe to say that he would need a clean pair of shorts after meeting your "babies."
And I can say from experiance (via observation) how a "Mr. Know-it-all" will react to being face-to-face with strong dogs. I had a friend who was such a person and we had the honor of getting to meet the sysop of one of our favorite BBS' (I suppose I'm "dating" myself here) who was also a dog trainer.
I have to say that it was rather fun watching my friend get drug around the yard by a pair of trained attack/guard dogs.


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Thanks Herman Unfortunately, I just happened to be in a 'pretty upset mood' anyway. Idid vow after losing my 4 Pit Bulls(I had to have them put to sleep afterbeing banned in the UK)

But you didn't have to have them put to sleep did you? The law says that you simply had to have them neutered, and insured and kept on a leash and muzzled when in public. I know several people who had pit bulls at the time and none of them had their pets put to sleep.Pitbulls are still being kept too but they are called irish staffs now to circumvent the law.