Hi everyone.

In short: my cat is exceptionally smart and I am running out of ideas how to entertain him.

He's almost like a dog. For instance when I say "time to use the restroom" and head to mine, we meet at the top of the stairs because he's heading to his too. When I say "time to visit mom" he goes to his crate. He understands lots of words like upstairs, downstairs, fridge, and the command "go to bed". To my misfortune he knows the word "work" too and starts meowing whenever I say it because he thinks I'm going to work. It's his way to beg me to stay. All my everyday visitors know to avoid this word. It's a bit ridiculous but that's been the best way to avoid unexpected bursts of his talkativeness.

His favourite time spending is playing fetch with me. That takes about an hour a day. I also try to teach him new commands as often as I can. In spite of this all I feel he still tends to get bored and I should do more to busy his keen mind. He doesn't get destructive but he often seems to be looking for a job to do, and lights up when it's time to learn something new.

I would love to hear any tips from people who have had a similar experience.

The name of this feline miracle is Randy. I fancy he was a dolphin or an elephant in his former life. Emotion: big smile The smartest cat I've ever had!
Well for one I think you should be super happy he's so darned smart and able to take direction!!! This is fantastic. Did you know that cats can be clicker trained? What I would do is look on the web, google clicker train cats. There's a lot of videos and free instructions and it's really easy. It's the same concept as a dog. I tried it but my cat is scared of the clicker, LOL. But seriously I see a lot of people doing it. I think you actually have more advantage because of this. Clicker train him to do certain tricks, etc. I have a friend in the UK who's Ragamuffin jumps through a hoola hoop etc. I'll bet Randy would LOVE to do things like that! Give him an obstacle course you make yourself with fun things to do, change it up as he gets used to it. Also, I have a couple of dvds that I can put it that are made for cats with birds, mice, bugs, etc. It keeps them amused. I think there are plenty of things for him to learn and keep him busy! I say concats on this issue! Also, I don't know if you have a house with a yard or not but maybe you could build him an outdoor cat enclosure. There are some that have an entrance built right from a window of the house so when you open the window he can go out into the enclosure and experience the outdoors, climb some of the platforms in there, depending on how intricate you want to get etc.
Wow lol, I wish Barsik was as smart!! Does Randy have buddies? That might help keep him occupied when you're not available. Although I wonder if he finds other cats to be boring. Emotion: big smile
Clicker training was a great idea, thank you! We both enjoy it very much! We also got Sarah so Randy had been a little less demanding as he likes to spend time with her. Emotion: smile
I acquired a Maine Coon from someone leaving the country about 6 months ago and I know EXACTLY what you mean about entertaining him. Coltrane is, by far, the smartest cat I have ever owned. But this realization came after he ingested a rubber dog toy which cost two thousand dollars to remove and he almost died of that and fatty liver syndrome. I am constantly picking up items he has wrangled out of somewhere. He used to be an outside cat which is impossible in my area so he is left completely bored and completely destructive !! He knows many words but I have been searching the internet and I have come up with a few really good ideas:
1. Clicker training him
2. Taking him for walks on a leash
3. Getting a bird feeder.
4. Possibly getting an acquarium
5. Constructing tunnels and hiding places with boxes.
6. Getting a Mini Buster Cube
That's about it for now. Wish me luck!!