Apologies for the cross post, put the question in the wrong section.
We've lived in our house for 12 years. Over the years, as we've removed the old carpet we've found evidence of animal urine stains on the hardwood. We have one room left with the old carpet. When we brought our new dog home, she sniffed the house and seemed pretty interested in a corner that was stained (we'd lifted the carpet last year to see the condition of the floor, but put it back down since the room is being prepared for painting).

Foolish me, didn't think anything of it but the next day she used the corner for #1 and #2. Is it possible that a dog could smell 12 year old stains? We're tossing the carpet, but how can we treat the hardwood floor stains so that the dog can no longer smell them? We've got others now covered by area rugs, and I'm afraid she'll smell them through those rugs as well. Thanks.
If you get a black light (some pet stores have them), wait under dark, turn all the lights out, and turn black light on, the pee stains will light up if they are still there.
Although it won't show pee stains through the carpet.