I have a 6 month old 75+ pound Rottweiler puppy been fixed every time we go to the dog park, as we go in an all the other dogs are around she goes in on her belly crawling. very very submissive she will try to run around with the other dogs and is a bite standoffish an when she hears the other dogs bark or play growl so moves away. I find there is ALWAYS one dog that comes over an starts to bit on her it seems like playing at first but then I have had dogs dragging her by her ear or the neck. she lets them do anything to her. I had to take her to the vet cause she kept yelling the next day $500 later found she sprained her neck. I am not sure if bringing her to the dog park is a good thing or not? she loves everyone an everything an I am worried she will start to not like other dogs due to what the dogs keep doing to her.

In the past, were there any accidents with other dogs that made her fear them? How was she socialized? She appears to be extremely self-inconfident and needs a rehabilitation aka proper re-socialization among well-balanced and well-behaved dogs, not interaction with dogs that will deliberately show domination. Is there any chance you take her to a dog behaviorist? I wish I could give some advice other than this but it appears to be kind of difficult case that needs complex professional help rather than a few fixing tips from online. For now I'd avoid taking her to a park with those dominant dogs as it definitely won't make her feel better.
The funny part is that she is only like that at the dog park (off leash) if we are out for a walk or if she sees or is near another dog she is not like that she doesn't go down on her belly at all.
just seems like she is gets pulled on either her ears or the scruff of the neck I am not sure if I am just being over protected of her cause she is just a love bug loves to be sitting on the floor getting a pet or hug or any type or attention. I am not sure how socialized she was before I got her from Germany ( talk about sheer dumb luck Emotion: big smile ) at 14 weeks old and I have been making sure she is around other dogs an people as much as I can when I go to petsmart or petco she has no problems witht he dogs there. she goes in the car with me all the time, walks in all different areas. she is fine any other time just not at the dog park.
Ah I thought it was much worse! I'm glad to know it doesn't happen with all dogs. But I still don't quite understand - are there bullies in the park that she'll always have to meet when you go there? I'd really try to stay away from them if that's possible.
I honestly haven't encountered such a situation of dog park phobia but I'd try distracting her before you let her off the leash. For example show her favorite toy and let her loose while she's focused on it. The point is that she shouldn't notice the change from state A (leash) to state B (off leash). In this case she'll have no time to switch her mind from OK to fearful. Of course this all should be done when no bullies are around. If she's already off leash and you see she becomes fearful again, try to distract her before she sticks in that state of mind. I really hope it will help!

Maybe other members will have better ideas. Emotion: dog
No thank you I for any ideas cause I don't want more problems when she is older.
I think my biggest problem is that cause she is a Rottie I had to get a $ 25,000 liability policy for her to get her license an I know if for what ever reason she bites one of the other dogs I know the town will blaimed her cause of the breed. an I am trying to raise a well trained dog to the best of my ability. An she is a true GENTEL GIANT even thought she is 75+ pounds my less than 10 pound cat controls her. so anything you can think of or any advice is welcomed