My doggies a seizure I went straight to vet who did a blood test and said her white cells were high an sausage had a infection and prescribed antibiotics. Two days later she was worse and I rang back and told him she had blood in stool he didn't seem concerned and said it was the infection and didn't ask to see her. The next day she weed and it was grand bits in it, again I ring vet and till him also that she still hasn't eaten in three days and was in pain and breathing heavy. He said to go and pick up some more antibiotics and tramodol pain killer but still did not ask to see her or suggest doing a mother blood test. I put my faith in him. The next evening I said this is not right and took her to the emergency vet who immediately done another blood test which came back very high and it didn't look good but still no answers as to what it was. My lovely misty died that night and we still have no explanations. I want to take matter further.
You should. You shouldn't let the vet get away with it.