Hi guys,

I've been wondering how much veterinary services cost in your town. In Moscow, for example, a vet coming to your house will cost about 40 euros. It depends on the clinic of course but basically that's it. It's just for the fact he comes. If you happen to need additional services such as taking a blood test, urine test etc, it will cost extra 60 euros or even more depending on what he actually has to do...
We have never had a vet come to our house yet(touch wood), but when we took Bitsy to the vet to be put under and her wounds healed, that put us back to 94EUR.
ive never had the vet out either. when gizmo was ill i called the emergency vet and they said i had to go to them,miles away and they wouldnt give me directions.i would have to walk as it was a football night and would never have been able to get a taxi! but at the actual vet a blood test was £90 about £30 a day to keep him in the vets im not sure on all the costs but he was in the vets for nearly 2 weeks having ops and treatment and the whole lot cost near a £1000,fairly cheap for the area we lived in. the vets quite good too with payments i didnt haveinsurance ( i sent of about it and it never came back and silly me forgot about the whole thing) they let us pay over 3 months they wasnt alowed to do that and still did even though we moved out the country. aslo when he was being nutered he had his hernia done too they charhed me £20 for it when it should have been £80-£100
£1000... wow! Perhaps it's cheap for the area you live in but for me it sounds pricey. Emotion: surprise I'm glad that you dealt with nice vets and they charged you with less sums though!
it was pricey yes but he has a lot of treatment over those two weeks aswell as all the meds after but they did try to keep the cost down as much as possible but the vet was just as heart broken as i was seeing him ill and i would much rather pay a littler extra for a vet (as long as its not extortion)that cares that much then go for a cheaper one anyway my baby if worth any amount of money
Absolutely! Our babies are worth any amount of money. It just bugs me sometimes that there will always be mercenary people including vets unfortunately. It's out luck if we can spot extortion in time... anyway, just thinking out loud. Emotion: smile