Hi guys,

I'd like to discuss the quality of veterinary service in your area and to what extent you actually trust vets. The reason why I'm asking it is because I've been reading a Russian vet forum for a while, and there are so many stories about pets getting worse or even dying because of vet treatment. Emotion: sad A man wrote that his dog had got an injection and had died the next day.. as he found out later, the medication that the vet used was "somewhat" a wrong one: it had impaired cardial function as a contra-indication and in fact killed the dog since the animal suffered from that very disease. Another man wrote that his puppy suddenly got blind. A vet made an injection which made the overall puppy's condition worse. Then he prescribed about 5 (!!) different medications as injections, pills etc. The owner followed these prescriptions with no hesitation but no improvements for several days. My question is, why the heck should one give a pet THAT many medications and injections when they're obviously useless and, perhaps, even harmful?

Of course I realize there are always good vets and there are always bad vets, as well as there can be good and bad human doctors. And of course I realize that some situations require an immediate vet help. But I've somehow got a feeling that veterinary service is a much more careless field than human health care... what do you think about it? And how do you usually try to minimize the chances of seeing a bad vet?

P.S. I need to read more vet stories with positive endings, hehe.
wow thats terrible! i cant belive that these vets must just be in it for the money surley? i always try to get a vet that clearly cares for the animals,if they are hurting that your pet is ill as much as you are they will try to make less mistakes then a vet that doesnt really care if they do or not. i think its a good idea for people to meet the vet before hand and take a tour of the vets any good vet allows this and will want to assure you they are a good vet and if possible take your pet in for a meeting and see how (s)he is treated by the staff a true animal lover is hard to miss. recommendations from friends are always good too. unfortuantly i havent been able to do that here as i got ostara from a shelter they recoomend using the vets they use (so they must be good anyway) and the only other vets is the army one (highly reccomended) but there all in canada atm so ive had no pick. but as of yet i have been very lucky with my vets the obove is desgusting i hope those vets got sacked Emotion: sad
Unfortunately there are some vets who are in it just for the money. The biggest problem is that there is no real damage to them should they cause injury or even death. We cannot sue them for mal-practice, as we can with human doctors. All we can get out of them is the cost to replace the animal, the cost of any treatment by the vet that caused the problem, and a few dollars for our mental anguish. If you're lucky that may total about $3,000 to $5,000. To a vet that isn't much money ... certainly not enough to really hurt them, and the sad truth is that most people DON'T sue when something goes wrong.

Luckily my vet is fantastic. He just seems to know right away what's wrong with any of my pets as soon as he looks at them. He has been in it for such a long time that I think he can read it in their eyes, or something. He tells me what's wrong with them even before running any tests, and then he does the testing just to be absolutely positive.

When I took Sherman in because he was acting funny, the vet looked in his eyes, and then asked me to put him on the floor so he can see how he walks. As soon as Sherman began walking, the vet said that he is diabetic. Then he took a urine sample to test, and it came back positive for diabetes.

The unfortunate thing now is that my vet is talking about retiring soon. That will leave me in a panic to find another vet who is as good, loving and compassionate toward animals. He is definitely one of the few who are in it for the animal rather than the money. He has the lowest prices of any vet in the area. I will really be sad if he retires.
I wish I could always meet a vet and see him working prior to entrusting him my pet... but it's not always possible. Sometimes it looks like there are so many bad reviews and so few good ones that it's almost impossible to find a really good specialist. Oh well, I'm an optimist so I think those who search, they find it.

Wow Lynn, do such vets really exist? Incredible! Is there any chance to keep a private contact with him so that you can see him if he retires?
RuslanaWow Lynn, do such vets really exist? Incredible! Is there any chance to keep a private contact with him so that you can see him if he retires?
He really is incredible. I can only "hope" that he'll let me keep in touch if he chooses to retire, but I don't think he will. When I asked him about it he said, "The vets who are taking over here are very good." I took that to be an indication that he isn't interested in keeping contact with me or any other of his current patrons. Emotion: sad I just have to pray that he doesn't retire.
always ashame when you lose a good vet and he sounds fantastic but at least you've had him for a while wich is better then not at all.you could always ask him for a few recomendations incase you dont like the new vet

no its not always possible i know but it doesnt hurt to ask if they have 10 mins free for a chat,my vets always had a spare hour a day they would keep fairly free for people visiting in-patients.if other vets do this im sure they could spare a minute for a natter,if not and if possible i would say book the first appointment in person rather then over the phone at least then you get to have a little snoop before taking your pet in. its terrible there are so many bad vets out there and that if they mess up you cant really do anything about it,ive signed petitions for this sort of thing before in the uk and i belive they list the vets that should be avoided,i cant rember the organisation but ill try to find it and put it up here
kittehlewisits terrible there are so many bad vets out there and that if they mess up you cant really do anything about it
You're absolutely correct ... it is terrible.

What I don't understand is with all the animal activism going on around the world, why hasn't there been any malpractice legislation put in place yet that would permit us to sue in the same manner we can sue when a doctor causes harm or death to a human?