I have a small viviarium setup for 3 green frog tadpoles which turned unexpectly into froglets in October. Didn't want to put them out in the cold 'cause I figured they'd not be able to adjust quickly enough.
2 of the 3 will be released this spring. The third guy is kind ofdeformed, so he'll remain our pet. Yes, the tadpoles came from our neighborhood and are native here.
The setup is: one 10 gal aquarium, surface area 1/2 water 1/2 land, with about 2 gal H2O. Gravel bottom, land is formed by stacked limestone/sandstone. Water circulates via submerged pump buried in gravel on one side going to a stack of small lava rock in a hidden plastic box that spills onto a large lava rock as a small "waterfall". Spider plant in small hidden pot in the corner, 3 whiteclouds living in the water, 3 frogs now about 15g each. Standard hood top with 15W flourescent lighting. 1/3 water change weekly, given the small H2O volume and large waste load.
There are these little green plants growing on the rough edges of the rocks! All of the rocks have developed a patina of algae, but on the edges are 2-3 mm protrusions that look very much like tiny liverworts, but are not, because one
of them has a tiny stalk topped by really tiny true leaves. There are also little threads of something which looks just like sphagnum moss on some of the rock edges.
I'm tempted to claim spontaneous generation, but obviously spores or seeds or something have hitched a ride into the vivarium. Anybody know what this stuff is, and how to encourage it? I'm quite pleased with the ancient look it contributes.
Jon Endres

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