Everything's said! Emotion: wink I love this feature!! Emotion: dance

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Yaay great hearing you! Emotion: dance
Hehe thanks! (Hoping my accent was not very terrible. Emotion: big smile) I do hope to hear YOU too soon! Emotion: wink
That's so cool, nice hearing you.
Thanks, Glenda! Will you make some audio too? Emotion: happy
Cool! You talk as fast as natives Emotion: surprise
Hey JanNine! Emotion: left hug Thanks! Hehe, nice to know that. But speed is not the main point. The main point is that people I talk to can understand me. Emotion: big smile
ElwingThanks, Glenda! Will you make some audio too?

Im shy.
Hey, come ooon. You wouldn't believe but I am shy too. Emotion: wink Emotion: happy
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