I have read a lot of information about the benefits of raw diet and decided to give my cat some raw beef. However he started vomiting soon after the meal and later he also had loose stool. I didn't give him a lot of that, just a few chopped pieces. The meat was prefrozen and defrosted before feeding. Do you think I should try again or better not? My cat is 14 yo, maybe he's too old for new types of food? His typical meal is Orijins wet cat food.
What's the meat you're giving him? Maybe it's too rich. Is it red meat or poultry? Try a more bland meat source like plain chicken or turkey and see if it causes the same thing. They're never too old for a better diet but he could be having a big problem with the switch due to a protein allergy.
It was red meat yes. So I should not give it to him again right? I've not tried chicken but I will. Thanks.