Does anybody know or like or love warrior cats???
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Never heard of them, what are they?
lol they're talking about the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. They're about clans of feral cats that live and thrive in a forest, and they talk to each other and go on adventures etc. They're actually pretty deep stories and they're fairly good.
Aha! I will have to look into them! Emotion: smile
I have the box set. Loved the beginning but I would have written a different finale. It also gets too violent at the end! And it ended too abruptly.
I heard they were for children?
Yeah, they are
Yeah there are a few things I would change too!
Technically they are, but they're fairly violent and scary at some points. I'm 18 and I like them as much as my 9 year old cousin does haha.
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