My vet recently gave me a sample of a water additive for pets. Basically, from what i understand, this additive is supposed to freshen breath/clean the mouth as they drink. I was wondering what other people think about these products?
Personally, I am torn because it would be nice to help my kitty and dog out with their stinky breath issues, and overall have better dental health but at the same time...i dont know, it just sounds like chemicals in their water to me.
Has anyone used these things? What do you think??

by the way, I have started brushing my dog's teeth but he still has naturally stinky breath :]
Well, my cat has a stinky breath too but I wouldn't add anything to his water to get rid of it. I'm a fanatic of everything natural and an avid opponent of chemicals so I could hardly give another answer, hehe. I just think that people and pets get enough chemicals from food and other sources, so there's no need to add more (unless it's an emergency and there is no other choice).

By the way, what ingredients does the additive contain? Are they listed anywhere on the label?
yeah they are listed but they are all words i cant pronounce. :] usually a sign that its NOT something i want to give my pets. It just makes me wonder how people wont put some chemicals in their body, but they dont mind just doing whatever to their pets. We have definitely decided "no" on the water additives, despite what the vet thinks
For different reasons, vets may care about your pet's health much less than you do... I don't mean your vet doesn't care, but I would really refrain from such recommendations if he doesn't have anything else to suggest... in fact, I myself never take pills that doctors prescribe lol. Even more - I don't even go to doctors unless there's a true emergency.

Anyway, my opinion is that if it's something you wouldn't use yourself, or if you have other doubts and concerns, don't give it to them. We've never cleaned our cat's teeth and nonetheless he's never had serious dental problems (only that bad breath and some tartar). Perhaps we're just lucky though, but I'd still try to refrain from chemicals if I can.
I was curious to see what's in these additives so I tried looking it up and stumbled upon this page which gives some info. I guess it depends on which additive you are recommended to use and just because the ingredients are a bunch of mumbo jumbo doesn't mean they're all harmful. But don't use anything containing Xylitol, especially for the cats.

HOWEVER, when I read this in the Breathalyser part "The formulation can be used by adding it to the drinking water and is safe for daily ingestion. However, the product is unsafe for human consumption." - excuse me? Unsafe for human consumption? But safe for dogs? Right.... okay...

There are apparently some more natural additives out there but they're expensive.

Even though many pets might need this to keep up their oral hygene I would try with the brushing again. I know what you guys mean about the bad breath, it IS natural to an extent but a strong bad breath is very likely to be a health problem, just like it would be with us humans.

So yeah, I vote for brushing and, do you give your dog raw marrow bones sometimes?
Also I used to give my cats these treats that have enzymes in them that break down the tartar and they worked well!
wow! what good information to have! thank you for taking the time to look it up!

the additive my vet gave me had xylitol in it but still said it was safe for cats or dogs. Do you know specifically what it is about that particular ingredient that is bad for them?? I know that xylitol is in a lot of our foods as well...probably carcinogenic in nature. (obviously, im still not planning on giving it to my pets, now im just curious)

I think we will stick with the brushing, although it is difficult with them sometimes. I may have to find someplace to get raw marrow bones around where I live,although I dont know where they would have them. I don't feel comfortable giving my dog some of the packaged, mass produced "fake" ones..IVe heard those can sometimes ruin a good doggie smile. I will have to contact someone I know about more natural options.

All of this information is really interesting to me. I am going to school to become a veterinary technician, and before I wouldnt have thought twice about something like this. I am suprised that a vet would be okay with it as well..But I hope in the long run this kind of info makes me a better tech.
I've come a long way to stop trusting doctors... my recent bad experience was with my son's pediatrician. He had SLIGHT excema and she wanted to give him cortisone cream (which we all know is just a form of suppression) at 6 months! I went nuts on her... But so far I haven't found a ped that ticks more on the natural side Emotion: sad They all study to treat the masses ... ah don't get me started lol.

Anyhow, there's little information on cats and Xylitol, but have a look at these links here and here . Google will show up lots of results.
thanks for the links! i will check them out...

and i can definitely see where you are coming from with doctors. Having some reasonably managable health problems myself, i have been through hell with doctors trying to medicate rather than treat the actual cause of the problem. eventually it has gotten to the point that i dont take anything unless i absolutely have to.
Fortunately, when choosing careers, I had the choice between working with people and working with animals.. and my passion definitely lies with animals. I plan on using my medical experiences to help the animals I will deal with. I wish all vets felt that way but unfortunetly, a lot of companies will pay off vets, just like with people doctors, to push their products - no matter how potentially harmful it may be!
Exactly! It's so sad!

Good luck with the career Emotion: muscle Show them how to do it hehehe.