I've posted in the past about the duet southern alligator* lizards I've been housing for the inherent teaching opportunities both have made available.
I cleaned their habitat the other day and moved the two warming rocks side-by-side since both lizards are almost inseparable since the seasonal change to cooler weather.
I've learned a new fact thanks to the male's need to explore. Alligator lizards are natural climbers. He not only scaled the power cords without effort, he marched himself across the screen top and stayed there for over two hours hanging upside-down. (If I had a camera that didn't wash out the image or better technique I would post it.)
While watching him during that two hours, I saw him nimbly scurry back and forth across the screen cover and test multiple points with his nose to see just how heavy it was. I'm thankful I had the foresight to set objects on the four corners because a loose lizard in my house would be upsetting to my wife SWMBO and add a level of unnecessary excitement to my Real LifeĀ®.

Anyhow, it was a fun observation on my part.
* Elgaria multicarinata (Gerrhonotus multicarinatus)

The Ranger

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