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Not even close. -Z

Griffin and Z, thanks. I appreciate it. I just feel bad. There used to be a time that I went ... such a good job, I have gotten lazy! I miss Pete. He was always so good about posting useful messages.

Hey! Your messages are useful! Your project is interesting and exciting, and it's nice that you have something positive going on! We don't want to hear about PROBLEMS all the time..
Eh, satellite is great for large file transfers but the ... satellite latency first hand, nearly went bald with the hair-pulling-out.

blah, blah, blah..I see your lips moving, but I only hear farting noises. Mind putting that in english? -Z

HEhehehehehe Emotion: big smile
Satellite latency... I guess it could be described as the period of time it takes for your computer to contact the satellite internet provider, that provider to contact the satellite, the satellite to contact a downlink provider somewhere across the country with your request to view a webpage, the downlink provider loading up the webpage and transmitting it back to the satellite then back to your local provider then back to your computer.

So, if you were downloading a huge file (say, oh, a pirated movie) you could pull the whole file off the internet in a matter of a few minutes. However if you were just browsing eBay or any other basic website it would still take a few minutes to load up those webpages. So, for those of us doing light and fluffy things with our computers (like shopping online, checking email, reading Usenet) it seems REALLY DAMN SLOW (might as well be using a modem). However if you're uploading or downloading large files like powerpoint presentations or whatever then it's GREAT.

Shell access is remote communication with another computer, typically running a *nix (unix or linux) operating system. For example, you've used Pine as an email client... Pine typically resides on a *nix mail server and you load up a shell client to log in to the mail server and access the Pine email program. Maybe you had Pine on your local machine though, I don't know what your situation is. I use software called SecureCRT for shell access to Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris computers. Again, satellite latency makes this kind of remote access ridiculously slow, to the point of suicidal-tendency-inducing.
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"You cannot be an objective scientist if you have an agenda." ~The Madman
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Ah. Okay. Um. Is there a discreet way of getting a desciption of just how it's used? I'm very curious. :-) Jennifer

I've had the same question. I should have asked Anna when I was there.She and Chico have one. Is it ... to mop up if everything gets soaked? Please pull down the charts for me here. Diagrams would be helpful. -Z

To all those who are interested I'll try to write some sort of instructions:

Plug the drain hole of the bidet and let the water run in, until the level is right under the overflow holes (sp?). Sit down on it, one leg left and one leg right. Now you can wash your butty and bitties thoroughly. Then you dry yourself up with the special tiny towels for bidet-use (30x40 cm ca.). If I remember right in 'crocodile dundee' there's a scene where Hogan asks his film-gf the purpose of the funny bowl with the two shells in the bath of his hotel room. I think he talked about a bidet.
Congrats on your new house, may it be great and wonderful! (and may the IM benefit from it)
ridiculously slow, to the point of suicidal-tendency-inducing. Clearer? Emotion: smile fr0glet

Depends on the sat provider..
Most established Sat-internet providers use a phone modem as the upstream path.
In other words the downloads are direct from the sat. (eg. 1.5Mbps) The uploads(page requests,data sending\serving,DNS resolution) are done via dial-up modem.(Max 54Kbps)
If you have a 56k modem going out that connects to a noisy phone line at 28k...and your downstream is 1.5Mb direct from the sat.your now surfing at 28k.
Alot of sat providers are switching to a an asynchronous sat feed,this will help.Maybe giving you 128 up via sat uplink.
Gotta pay to play fast though...

Try this...Only 5 grand :-)
Dont ask,
Im not sure how I found this...
Im not sure I want to continue reading...
Im not sure why this site exists...
Heck, this was the first time I'd ever seen a beday, or however you spell that funky European toilet that I have no clue what purpose it serves.

I've heard bidets are for washing your feet, but according to Crocodile Dundee "They're for washing your ***!"
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Absolutely. Thanks.
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