I have a Hypo Brooks kingsnake she is about a ft long so still just a baby, she ate yesterday and she seems energetic and friendly as usual. but today i notice a fluided eep out of her nose, like a bubble almost its not the first time either ... it was watery and yellowish .. yesterday after the mouse she seemed to blow a Bubble .. a clearish fluid .. am i holding her to tight, she seems to be able to move freely and i hold her ..
Could be a respiratory infection. Any sneezing or wheezing going on together with that? How often does it happen?
it has happened only the twice that i have seen .. and no sneezing or wheezing but she is still fairly tiny so its hard to hear but she does seem to be breathing well and active
it could've been excess saliva coz of being handled especially if she's not very used to handling or has just eaten or drunk. like you know when a snake gets emotional (excited, stressed, anxious, etc) it can over salivate. if there are no other symptoms that could be just that. otherwise if you notice mucus in her mouse or sneezing/wheezing like the anon said it's better to be on the safe side and show her to a vet.
If you hang a snake by its tail, its stomach juice comes to the mouth, and you can see the bubblies... nothing to do with a respiratory infection.
ok well we figured indegestion of sorts lol .. and she seems fine now .. without an issue, and Roxxy thanx for the info however i dont think i have ever hung my snake upside down, and i doubt anyone should

I don't think ANYONE should hung its pet upside down by the tail, be it a dog, cat or snake. Ever.
(Sorry for off topic.)

Cinnamon seems to be doing better i think it was just indegestion ... and yes ur right ... no one and no Pet should be hung upside down