Hey guys, today we've updated MySmelly design! Enjoy the light colours! [<:o)]
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Aww it's so adorable.. I like that the sister sites have taken on their own personality.. Keep up the awesome work Emotion: big smile

I love the new design - looks really great.

Now, I have to write 10,000 times

I must get a dog
I must get a dog
I must get a dog ...............
Whoow, I can't believe! I opened my bookmark as usual and what I see... what a surprise! Looks very charming, guys, good job indeed. [Ye]
looks pretty and bright!
I love it Emotion: big smile
Wow! It's so awesome now. I couldn't help myself creating an account here though I don't have pet yet. I guess I should work in this direction. Great work done!!
Thanks everyone!! I'm really proud of it too, and I am happy that it now completely fits the idea I had behind MySmelly! Emotion: smile And you all are such nice, happy and bright people that it's just perfect now Emotion: embarrassed

I'm late to congratulate you guys, but really I LOVE IT!

Now it looks more friendly Emotion: smile
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