i didn't know how ridiculously expensive scottish folds are... YIKES!!
i want one SO bad :/
How much exactly?
So you wanted to get a pure breed? Yeah they're very expensive, but from my experience I'd stay away from pure breeds because they tend to come with health issues. Keep looking, you'll find the right kitty for you! Emotion: smile
Oh dear... So you've given up this idea? Not even considering other cats?
$1200. yikes.
@Prada, that was just a kitty i wanted. but of course i'd be interested in other breeds.
now that the scottish fold is out. i'm just going to stick to a rescue kitty at the shelter Emotion: smile
Eek! But those money won't buy you love and devotion. I'm glad you decided to go for a shelter cat. Emotion: smile
AngieM.$1200. yikes.
Holy moly! Good luck with a shelter kitty. Emotion: smile
Don't give up yet you can find even the priciest breeds are sometimes abused or just lost their home for some reason you should look for a rescue in your area or even in other country's , there are shelters who are willing to ship the cat to a good enough owner. but you know basically the folded ear thing is just a gene you don't have to get one that is pure breed and registered (unless you want one for showing but i believe if you really want it that much it should be a big deal) so basically even if someone breeds it with another breed some if not all the kittens with get the folds so it will basically still be a scottish fold (they come in all shapes colors and sizes..)
I've just realized you got a new kitten finally, congratulations!! Emotion: smile Was it a long way? Does he get along with Winston?