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We can understand him peeing in Janets kitchen when he ... in his comfort zone - which was the initial problem.

Is he peeing on the sofa, or marking the sofa? (Where is the sofa dampened?) That may make a difference in the suggestions you get.

I'm not absolutely sure but, as far as I can recall, it is partly up the back cushion and partly on the cushion you sit on. I think it has been the right hand side of the sofa each time.
I dont know the difference between marking and peeing - it looks like a full pee each time.

Richard Faulkner
Before we go out, (from Janets house), she always lets ... clear things up a bit? Many Thanks Richard Faulkner

Instead of LETTING him out, TAKE him out (with a flashlight if needed!) and praise him to the hilt for going out there. He sounds anxious about you 2 leaving, and this way at least his bladder will be empty. Janet Boss http://bestfriendsdogobedience.com /

We'll give it a try.

Richard Faulkner
Sounds to me like a classic case of separation anxiety. Here is a step-by-step plan for desensitizing your dog.