We bought a young (three months old ) puppy Westie. His ears just started to get into normal shape.
The thing is, the tip curl backward.
Is this normal.Is ears just changed a fews days ago.

The name is West Highland White Terrier..

The ears will go through a number of changes in the way they are held until the pup is a mature adult. I have seen a few of these dogs with a slight backward roll of the tip of the ear. For a pet dog it's not going to change a thing about the quality of it's life. It's just an odd thing that just "is". If the pup was a potential show dog, this roll would be undesirable.
You are going to have a blast with this pup. Westies are Such characters. I strongly recommend a puppy kindergarden class followed by a basic obedience class, Terriers need strong human leaders, and these classes will help you learn what's needed, help you stay sane, and set you both up for a great future.. with a minimum of frustration.

Jo Wolf
Martinez, Georgia
The name is West Highland White Terrier..

As in the highlands of Scotland, their country of origin.