What cat breeds have unusual ears?
American curl and Scottish fold!
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good info from everyone above. I have a unique perspective, I'm blind and live in Chicago DT a Maine CoonI put down after 22 years. In essence, Maine Coon I trained to be a working cat. They will understand vocabulary of 1000 words not verbatim they feel what you say, what you need, and do act more like a dog. my Coon was polydactyl, and literally would converse, waiting her turn to speak, they chatted her meow, and have the widest range of verbalization out of every breed I've seen. Maine Coons are used in movies mostly because of their intelligence and training. Alanisnever used litter boxes after she was trained to use toilets she would feed herself walk on a leash do the most absurd tricks as to rolling over plopping on your feet laying on their back asleep and awake the perfect addition to any home. The kitty was given to me from and Hollywood animal trainer and I was taught within a week of how to instruct my kitty to learn. Just a few years ago at age 18 I changed up her diet just soft food and had to teach her to set in order to get the food on the floor without her spelling it. Even at 18 she would still learning new things when we moved to a new house. They will lay across your chest when you're sad they are as intelligent as any German Shepherd working dog I've had in the past. After a few years you will know that you're Maine Coon understands everything you are saying and you will understand they're different type of chatter emotion purring and action. the person that gave me my kitty will speak to the top 10 cats having intelligence rated on how people are judged as to mental ability.her company swears by and only puts Maine Coons and movies and commercials Toma long haired Maine Coon that I had was in the seconds and 3rd Harry Potter movie. They can be trained to do damn near anything. And it only takes 2 to 3 days for them to catch on. Watch movies and see the cats that have a white breast with four white paws and extremely long hair with a bushy tailed. They are all Maine Coons and mostly polydactyl. Go on any forum or speak with anyone in the industry that needs animalswith more than just rating: well on a testmade to judge peoples intelligence just changed for cats. Then watch as many movies with as many cats and as many commercials and you will see why Maine Coons and sometimes I say catswould be the way to go. Most of the cats on the list off the top 10 are just that intelligent but not family oriented task oriented intelligence.I bet my life for two decades on my kittynot letting me down via communication or any other factor. I again would stake my life on a Maine Coon, and have to do so once more, in the very near future. Occicat wold be my 2nd choice. any proof or video you would like to see if my cat in actionI will gladly send you. Like I said the cat not needing a litter box pays 4 itself in the life span of a kitty so smart n special. Hollywood with million dollar budgets speaks on behalf of the quality of the kitty you will get when you go with a Maine Coon.
my apologies on any spelling errors or character mistakes from the above text, I had my wife read the text after it was sent, and she told me there's a few errors and grammar and some words spacing. My apologiesbeing blind and finally able to type doesn't work without a few kinks that still need to be tweaked
I just adopted a Maine Coon and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. I agree they are very smart. It only takes 2 or 3 times for him to learn whatever I'm trying to teach him. Would love to know more things to teach him. Also, i would like to see the video of your cat as mentioned above. Please let me know how we can connect to get the video to me.