I am about to get a ball python but I never owned a snake as a pet before so I'd like to know what do you usually put in the snake cage. Thanks!
a ball python will need a hide box (anything from a card board box to a rock cave thing from pet stores). it'll need a ceramic water dish or something that is heavy and not easy flipped over. the bedding can be anything from newspaper to some wood shaving (not just any wood, some wood absorbs moisture and you need it to be humid to help the ball shed better) a thermometer is good to make sure its the right temp. and mine likes to curl up and hang from the temp and humitity gauges. itll need a heat lamp on top of the tank or a heat pad under the tank to regulate temp. hot rocks are not recomended because they get to hot and when the snake gets cold it would rather be too hot then tooo cold and could suffer burns. there should be a cool side and a hot side ... Your ball would be satisfied in a cage with this stuff..
Also lots of hiding places and have fun decorating with branches , leaves , flowers , rocks and everything ( Buy these at a pet store