Hi everyone was just wondering what votes mean??? and ive also noticed that some friends have pictures under their profile pic of hammers and wings ect..just wondering what it all means can anyone help me????????[Luv][Luv][Luv]Emotion: rofl
Hey Carla Emotion: wave

We just updated this site to Version 6, so the voting system is still new. You can vote posts, articles, pictures and comments either UP or DOWN.
Like this we give the community a chance to decide on the quality of the content themselves Emotion: smile Later on we will implement more functions that work around these ratings - such as Top 10 posts etc. Right now there is already atop Pictures area .

In regards to the Hammers and Wings, go to our FAQ's and scroll about half way down, it's explained there. Btw I will be updating those hopefully this weekend Emotion: smile

Hope this helps!
hey Punky

Thanks heaps...you guys are doing a great job..love looking at all the pictures on here and adding my own...will check out the top pics and FAQ

Thanks again carla and dex woof woofEmotion: it wasnt me