Bigotes here again!

I was talking with Barsik about food, and I learnt that he has a really weird taste!

I wonder what the rest of our friends eat.

I eat: My own food, specially done for me, bread, bananas, lettuce, and other things I don't remember right now. But I will come here to write them when I try new things and I like. Emotion: smile

What do you eat? Just share it with us and I might want to try your food one day!
Barsik has smelled the way to this tasty thread... [8-8]

So... the things I eat are:

- whiskas
- dry food
- raw beef
- olives (very rarely but I love them!)
- grass, including some home plants (ha ha ha!)

- milk and soured cream
- yolks
- brine from a can of peas

Hmmm I think I've missed some but I'll let you know later!
I wonder what milk tastes!
Aren't hamsters allowed to have milk?
I don't know, I have never tried milk..I only drink water - I'll try it next time, and tell you what it tastes like!
I eat lots of nice things.

- Arden Grange Dry
- Nature Diet wet
- Lamb bones
- Liver
- Kidney
- Heart
- Turkey necks
- Mince

And the cat eats

- Hi Life dry

I have my favorite dry cat food that I politely but firmly express to my people.

I refused to eat wet cat food when I grew up. Canned food is for babies!

I sit quietly on my hind legs on my overturned bucket in the middle of the kitchen and mime what I would like for a treat. Luckily my people can read cat mime and give me yogurt (full fat greek yogurt is my fav), or frozen banana, or peeled cucumber. If they try to give me something else like meat or tuna I will humor them by smelling it, but that's not my bag, baby.

I provide a free service of smelling all of my human's meals. In fact, I insist on it. Should I find you eating cat food (yogurt, banana, cucumber), it's only polite that you share, otherwise I will leave you to eat your meal in peace.

I`m crazy about tropical fruits, especially mango