Bigotes here again!

I was talking with Barsik about food, and I learnt that he has a really weird taste!

I wonder what the rest of our friends eat.

I eat: My own food, specially done for me, bread, bananas, lettuce, and other things I don't remember right now. But I will come here to write them when I try new things and I like. Emotion: smile

What do you eat? Just share it with us and I might want to try your food one day!
Barsik has smelled the way to this tasty thread... [8-8]

So... the things I eat are:

- whiskas
- dry food
- raw beef
- olives (very rarely but I love them!)
- grass, including some home plants (ha ha ha!)

- milk and soured cream
- yolks
- brine from a can of peas

Hmmm I think I've missed some but I'll let you know later!
I wonder what milk tastes!
Aren't hamsters allowed to have milk?
I don't know, I have never tried milk..I only drink water - I'll try it next time, and tell you what it tastes like!
I eat lots of nice things.

- Arden Grange Dry
- Nature Diet wet
- Lamb bones
- Liver
- Kidney
- Heart
- Turkey necks
- Mince

And the cat eats

- Hi Life dry