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I like the way they snuggle up beside me when I'm in bed. I like the way my Casey (RIP) used to reach up and head-butt my hand in thanks before he started to eat the food I gave him. I love that they are always entertaining and so compassionate.
I love that cats are self sufficient and low maintenance, but I also love that they are playful and affectionate and beautiful and graceful. I'd love to have two cats one day and name them Anam and Cara (gaelic for 'soul friend'). Emotion: smile
Cats believe they are the center of the universe. Kind of like humans.
In fact I love dogs more, love Cockie Spaniels, had one when I was a child and then one later on. Now my beloved has a cat and I do love it. The thing I love most is when she show me with attitude that she care for me, that she show me she believe me in loving her. She comes to me in my bed, lay dawn and the I have to pat her untill we fall to sleep, nice.
I love the personalities of all my cats (5) I have one that senses when you are upset or feeling bad,and he snuggles up with you.
i love just the way cats are. so independent and furry and purrrrring... ^_^ dogs are much more dependant on humans while cats can be ok on their own... i've heard a saying that people who like cats are masochist (it was a joke of course i believe) but i don't mind being a masochist if that means to have these charming creatures beside! ^_^
I have three cats, which I homed, and they do all what you have said, in-fact yes they follow you every where, and give you a thank you nod, when they are happy with what they have been fed. I have two female, and one male. The male is from a younger batch of the same mum, and when he came in the picture he bullied the other two as if he was older. He and I have a special Bond. When he wakes me in the morning, he will purr, near my face, while the other two stay in wait down at my bed side. They bring a good vibe, and I love them a lot.