Well, I just saw that Raphael started such a thread about dogs, and I thought it would be cool if we list all things that we love about cats, too.

Let's get started! Just make a list of what you love in cats!

* How they purr,
* Their dignity,
* You don't have to walk them - they walk on their own,
* They can be an example of cuteness and little devils at the same time,
* They don't bark Emotion: stick out tongue,
* They do know how to relax,
* Their agility and flexibility,
* They can always find what to play with (even a sun speck can become a toy!),
* They are independent,
* They can stay alone for a couple of days and be okay,
* Their whiskers and paws,
* They always remember that they have to keep an eye on us, lol,
* Their furry ears and those tips!

* They will always let you know when you had better leave them alone,
* Their tail that is an indicator of their mood,
* They generally take care of their fur themselves,
* Their stripes

I'll post more as I come up with them! Emotion: wink
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Here are my two cents:

When you cuddle them, they melt in your arms
Cats are companions of minimal dependence
They are not so loud as dogs
Playful they are
They don't sniff every guest
The way they knead their paws into you when they are comfy

You don't need to take them out when the weather is crappy
They are graceful
They are neat
They are soft and fluffy
oouh, and the list suddely became longer ,Ruslana.. heeh Emotion: stick out tongue (compared to the one in the other thread )
i love the way they're built, so beautiful and agile.. i love their fur, so soft and perfect, i love thier ears..the fuzzy fur on them makes them so kissable ! i love the way they look at me, the way they are such good mothers (most of the ones ive known), i love their legs and feet.. so beautifully built, i love their voices, i love everything abou them !! Emotion: smile)
Cats are cute,
cuddly, smart, and clean. What's NOT
to love? :-)
Hmm I love how they purr and I love their curiosity, their independence, and that they don't bark. Well, I love them because they are cats, I love everything about them! Emotion: smile They are very special.
I love everything about them... I'm a cataholic! Emotion: big smile
The independence they have,
the way my cat gets into my face and talks to me,
the way they sympathize with me if I feel bad,
the way they love us for such little things we do!
Cats, unlike we humans, expect very little of life and they are mostly content with their a lot. I get along with them better than with people!

They are loyal to you, and you certainly feel wanted when they snuggle in for a cuddle, but the thing I love the most is their independence, you just have to respect that. Ie they seldom really have to come to you, but when they do, it's because they really want to be with you... Besides, each cat has such a unique little (or big?) spirit.
What do I love about cats...Well for starters,they know their place in this world, living with man or on their own. When you look into a cats eyes and then they rub their face against yours, I can feel the love and respect they have for me. I have 3 cats at the moment, but I have had a few others. My cat Irwin, who is 11 years old, he came to me to mend a broken heart. One caused by the death of another cat that owned me for 14 years. And my cat Sam, found me and I saved his life and he has nothing but love for me and he does something no other cat has ever done before. He protects me too. Cats are intelligent and very loyal, but in their own way. I simply love them.
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