Hey folk, let's list here everything that makes our dogs so special? It can be one or a couple of sentences, but just make it a list.

I'll start it.

- They can make us laugh so hard that we cry
- They can live each day to the fullest (this is what I am trying to learn from them, by the way)
- The trust in their eyes
- They are ready to give you everything they are

I'll add more as soon as it occurs. Emotion: smile
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I love dogs for their eternal optimism.
Hmm a nice idea, Raphael. Perhaps I should start a similar one about cats. Emotion: stick out tongue Anyway, let me think of what I like in dogs that cats do not have... hmmm...

- The way they wag the tail when see the owner,
- They are very faithful friends (though many cats are faithfull too - they just too proud to express it more openly and often, lol),
- The way they breathe after an energetic game (e.g. fetching)

Well I need to think of it more, hehe.
What I love about dogs is:

> their kindness
> the way they sniff the grass
> how they lie in the sun
> they aren't as haughty as CATS hahaha
> they eat with gusto
> when they stay close
> they are ready to play all the time
> they fetch
> they can guard you
> they have their own quirks just like us
> they need you
> enthusiasm they have
> they are so resilient!
> how they howl along with my singing haha
> they are perfect companions
> they can be trained
> the police use dogs to help people, not cats! have you ever seen a guard cat??

> their love knows no bounds,
> they miss you when you are not around, and they so glad to see you when you are back
> they have a good memory
I love how they love unconditionally. Give them a toy and some love and they'll love you beyond all else. And if you yell at them, because you are cranky, they will soon forgive you and they still love you with all their hearts. They don't judge, they love you for who you are. And they are just so darn cute!!
Where do I start?

Dogs are not my life but they make my life whole!
They don't judge me
They are loyal
They will never tell my secrets
They don't expect too much from me

And many many many more reasons!

Speaking of dogs it is my German Shepherd's first birthday today! Happy birthday Sky!
Just love them very much.I can't list any exact reason.Emotion: big smile

Maybe I love them in all aspects, even when they are doing badEmotion: big smile
I Love dogs because they

* always greet you with true happiness

* cheer you up even if your having really bad day

* love you no matter what

* make you laugh in a wink of an eye

* Will do everything to please you and all they want in return is a good walkies

* are gentle and loving

* they show you they love you without even saying a word

* can enjoy a quiet moment with a cuddle on the couch

* I love them just because..[Luv][Luv][Luv][Luv][Luv]
i love dogs because of their unconditional love. They love you just because! my dog looks at me with this look in his eyes all the time that just scream "i love you so much!" thats what i love about dogs.

Also, i love dogs because when you are feeling down or youve lost your confidence they are right there to remind you how great you actually are! Thats the best self-esteem boost ever!
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